Animal Symbolism in East Asian Art

This round table following the fan painting workshop focused on animal symbolism in East Asian tradition. Members of the East Asian Collections project team looked into which animals appear in art the most frequently, what stories they tell and what their symbolism is in Chinese, Japanese and Korean societies.


Celje Regional Museum, Trg celjskih knezov, Celje
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They spoke about the meanings and roles of the dragon, phoenix, crane, animals featured in the yearly horoscope, the luck-bringing bat and other intriguing animals.


The talk was moderated by Helena Motoh (ZRS Koper), who was joined by Tina Berdajs, Chikako Shigemori Bučar, Nataša Visočnik Gerželj and Nataša Vampelj Suhadolnik, all from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Asian Studies.


Coordinators: East Asian Collections project team, Nataša Vampelj Suhadolnik, PhD, Nataša Visočnik Gerželj, PhD, Faculty of Arts, Barbara Trnovec, Celje Regional Museum