About the Humanities Rock! project

A very brief explanation of the name…

The Faculty of Arts (FF) of the University of Ljubljana (UL) first took part in the European Researchers’ Night in 2009, partly to mark the 90th anniversary of the establishment of UL and FF and the 30th anniversary of the Scientific Research Institute of the Faculty of Arts (ZIFF).

The European Researchers’ Night project, which is coordinated by FF for UL, is implemented under the slogan Humanities Rock! This slogan is meant to place a specific focus on science and research in the humanities and social sciences, though all sciences are humanist in a way: they are all performed by humans, they should all work for humans, and they should always be accompanied by humanity, humanitas.

FF has thus joined forces with other member faculties of UL from virtually every scientific discipline, including natural sciences and technology, with art academies joining in as well, to collectively present the role and importance of scientific and artistic research in our time for our future.

Sciences and research are the foundation of our understanding of humans, their environment and the world in general, as well as of everything that is beyond our world and our understanding of the world. Scientists and researchers draw the materials for their research from everyday life, critically assessing and giving meaning to them, holding a mirror to us all and enriching us with their discoveries. The European Researchers’ Night – Humanities Rock! aims to broaden the society’s horizons and provide better prospects.

Humanities rock!