Painting Hand Fans with East Asian Animal Motifs

This workshop on painting hand fans with East Asian animal motifs presented the experience of East Asian painting, using a brush on an empty fan, which has a fixed form.


Celje Regional Museum, Trg celjskih knezov, Celje
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First, the participants familiarised themselves with the animals that appeared in art the most frequently, such as birds, insects, fish, bats, tigers and dragons, as well as the roles their depictions play in Chinese, Korean and Japanese societies. This was followed by painting with a brush using paint or ink, where they tried out a special technique of painting using ink and water or paints; in doing so, they learned how to hold a brush correctly, what different strokes there are and what other methods exist in Chinese and Japanese painting. They also learned more about the role of fans in East Asian cultures.


Coordinators: East Asian Collections project team, Nataša Vampelj Suhadolnik, PhD, Nataša Visočnik Gerželj, PhD, Faculty of Arts, Davor Mlinarič, Celje Regional Museum




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