This exhibition by Tim Prezelj was dedicated to scientific research in medicine, pharmacy and biology where laboratory animals are used. To this end, people throughout history have created quite a few different life forms that exist only due to and for the purposes of the scientific research process. The most numerous such group comprises mice and rats.


Kapelica Gallery, Likozarjeva 1, Ljubljana
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Legislation on working with such organisms is very strict and detailed, particularly in Western countries. However, as a rule, it requires the killing of all laboratory animals involved in the experiment and the destruction of the animal remains produced.

The art installation was not intended to moralise and judge the exploitation of animals for scientific research purposes, nor the people who oppose it. The work of art aimed merely to encourage dialogue and reflection in the public and to raise awareness in society about the background of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other preparations used in everyday life.


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Coordinator: Uršula Berlot Pompe, PhD, Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Author: Tim Prezelj, Faculty of Education