Plucking Cat / Animals in Music: Japan

Children will listen to the sounds of traditional Japanese musical instruments by Nagisa Moritoki Škof, PhD, and try to solve anima-themed musical riddles and anecdotes on animal themes by Klara Hrvatin, PhD.

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Active musician and artist Nagisa Moritoki Škof and musicologist Klara Hrvatin will present how animals and the Japanese world of music are connected. They will focus on the following topics:

– animals as “material” for the design of instruments or parts of instruments,

– the symbolism of animals in the construction and design of instruments,

– the “representations” of Japanese animals in music, trying to find out what instruments and techniques musicians use to conjure up the world of animals.


The workshop is suitable for kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools.


Coordinators: Nagisa Moritoki Škof, PhD, and Klara Hrvatin, PhD, Faculty of Arts